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I grew up in Colorado, in a ski town named Breckenridge. I like to ski, camp, bike, hike and tinker.

6th Grade
I got my first computer in 6th grade, it was an Apple ][+ it had 4K of ram. It was rad, but at the time there weren't any games for it. I learned to program it in Basic and integer, and made text based games.

The Hacker
I hacked into my first game in 8th grade, It was Ultima 3 Exodus. While using a copy program called Copy ][+ I noticed a pattern in the machine language, It was the shape of a cross. I found the cross in the game an figured out that E6 in machine language was a brick wall. So I wrote it down, Then I figured out what all the other things in the game were, and made myself a castle in the game with free everything, and distributed it to my classmates, they thought I was cool.

The Beginning
I started level designing on a great game called Lode Runner. Lode Runner came with its own editor and I spent many months creating puzzels and distrubuting them to my friends..

Uggg College
I went to Colorado Mesa University, to learn computer science. I tried to take Fortran and Pascal at the same time and basically failed both of them. I changed my major to commerical art because I wanted to be a 3D artist.

I Graduated!!!
With a degree in Commercial Art, I started working for a television production company called Creativision. During this time, we did a show called Multimedia Gulch, in San Francisco. We went to video game companies like Broderbund, Lucas Arts, and Spectrum Holobyte, to film how the produce games. I realized at this time of my life what I wanted to do was MAKE GAMES!

first person shooters are starting to take over. Quake, what an amazing game. I played Quake till my thumbs bled, then put Band-Aids on to cover the wounds. I found an editor for the game and started opening the levels to figure out how they made them.

San Francisco Or Bust

I got bored with Colorado and moved to San Francisco. Because of a fortune cookie I started working at a company called Aspen Media. Aspen Media made websites for the San Francisco radio stations. I designed the web sites in Photoshop, and scriped code to make the sites. I refined both my artistic an mechanical skills at this job.

Argh!! I'm out of work, What a bad time in my life, but there's a good side. I sat around my apartment playing games. My friends and I started a game clan called [415]. We played in DOD tournaments, and I learned a game editor called Worldcraft which later became Valve Hammer Editor.

The first level I distributed to the public was dod_LegoLand. I was sitting at home one night and decided to scan a lego, it was red. The texture came out great, so I used Photoshop to make all the other Lego colors. I made a Lego amusement park, with a roller coaster, red rocket ride, ferris wheel, carousel, and a bar. The public loved it, Legoland became a cult classic map and I still find servers running it today..

My Hero Joe
Joe was in my clan, We played games all day and night, One day Joe received a job offer in Seattle for a level designer. He was a 3D modeler not a level designer, but he told them about me. I moved to Redmond Washington and started as a contractor for Microsoft.

I worked on a car combat game for Microsoft, After 3 months they shut down the game.
Damn I am unemployed again. I had just moved, I was poor and didn't know anyone in Seattle. Luckily a girl I worked with at Microsoft introduced me to Zombie Studios.

I got the job at Zombie Studios. I am a scripter and level designer. In the 4 years I was there we published 4 games. I wore a couple hats at the company, and I learned to script in the Unreal Editor.

Monolith / WB Games
Wow I got a job at Monolith, Amazing!!! I started there to work on F.E.A.R 2. They had an amazing AI system. I set up encounters and combat. I loved every moment about it.

WB Games Bought Snowblind. My lead designer asked me if I would go to Showblind and help them with War in the North. I accepted and went to Snowblind to Help out. I learned their editor and scripted the game play for the levels.

WB Games The Return
I came back to Wb games to help them on Guardians of Middle Earth. This was WB games first MOBA. I was making the single player scenario's. They decided to cut single player out of the game so I scripted the tutorial to teach people how to play.

WB Games Part III
I came back to Wb games a third time, as a contractor to help them with Shadow of Mordor. They needed someone to help prototype the weapon quests, I prototyped 20 weapon quests for them then they needed help with the player movement team where I learned a complex player movenemt system.

Good Science
I landed a contract job at Microsoft to help out with the Hololens. The Hololens was a big secret, and we were making the very first apps for it. I finished a big project and they anounced the Hololens at Build 2015 with 2 of our apps featured. I then was asked to help with envisioning projects where I built hololens apps for major corporations. one of the best was VOLVO where we made the first holographic car.

Well that about sums it up

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